18k Gold and Sterling Silver Jewellery Care Guide

Our 18k Gold and Sterling Silver plated jewellery collection is made from a base metal of stainless steel or brass and plated using the PVD plating method using 0.06 micron coating to make the necklace extra durable and extremely long lasting. Over time, with normal wear, costume jewellery will naturally tarnish, whilst your plated jewellery will last for years and years if cared for correctly as per this care guide. To prolong the life of your jewellery and prevent it from tarnishing or dulling in colour please follow our care advice below. 

As this jewellery is plated, you can wear it in the water etc and it will not tarnish immediately. However, to look after and prolong the life of your jewellery we recommend that you please do not: wear with tan, spray perfume directly onto it, avoid sweating or physical activities, avoid bathing or swimming with the necklace on etc. Everyday products like creams, tans, make up, sun tan lotion, body oils, hairspray, deodorant, antibacterial soap etc contain harsh chemicals which can destroy the plating. 

When washing your hands remove any rings as antibacterial soaps contain harsh chemicals. Put your jewellery on last.  

Cleaning your Jewellery

Clean your jewellery by wiping down each piece after every wear. Be as gentle as possible. Do not use a polishing cloth as its subtle texture may scratch the plating off. Instead use a cotton ball and very lightly wipe down your jewellery. You may use a very soft non abrasive cloth. Do not leave soaked in water, any harsh chemicals or use any polishing material.


Remove your jewellery before going to bed to prevent it becoming tangled, rubbing together with other metals or breaking. Store each jewellery piece individually in the cloth envelope it arrived in. This will make sure each piece is safely stored separately so they do not rub together or become tangled. If left tangled together the metals may react with each other and begin to tarnish. Never store gold and silver together. 

If you have any other questions please email us: hello@hausofdeck.com